Danny J Muscle Girl Abs Video

Anyone know Danny's last name? We never wanted to unbuckle anything so badly...


Macey Boudreau's Bicep INFLATES

Macey Boudreau
Video sent by opus22

Wow. Who knew the rear bicep shot could be so sexy?


Kristy Hawkins Showing Skin and Muscle

Wow. This video WROCKS. Who knew Kristy had such great triceps? We've always been stuck watching the bi's.

Uploaded by jsp2480
P.S. To avoid undue anger, please check out the source of this wonderful video, fitVidz.com.


Pumped Pecs = Nice Boobs

You've always read about women with ripped pecs that take the place of large breasts. Well, here's your case in point.


New Muslce Girl Link: Tentpole

Tentpole is a site after our own heart. Great links to great girls. Rock on!

Asian Muscle Girls on Flickr

Rebekah Kresila, originally uploaded by asianmusclebabes.

Who knew there was such a great list of strong asian girls at Flickr?

Rebekah is one of our faves, and in this photo, looks like she just MIGHT date us...

Muscle Morphs

Cribinbic has some good muscle morphs at DeviantART [via Muscles of Dee Kay]
oh zuzanna by ~cribinbic on deviantART

Bicep Video Montage

Many of our favorite biceps girls show up in this sweet vid.

HD Muscle Girl Jackpot

Just found this set of HD muscle vids over at Stage6. You may need to download the DivX plugin, but it's well worth it.


She-Hulk Art at DeviantART

Wagnerf does a lot of stylized drawings of fit girls. Have a look.
She Hulk1 by ~wagnerf on deviantART

Nita Marquez

Nita looking nice in a white bikini.


Ocean Bloom on Psych

We had no idea that Ocean was on a Psych episode. Very nice.


INSANE Full Soda Can Crush by CALVES

Holycrap. There's a lot of flexing of crazy calves for a while (and some pounding with a ... er ... sledge hammer), but then POW, there goes the soda. She crushes the can just with her CALVES!

Hot Andressa Vieira Photo

This might be the greatest photograph of all time.


Nice Karen Zaremba Video

There's an awesome new video of our favorite muscle-mom, Karen Zaremba, over at AMG. It's worth the download.

We Made Dee Kay's List!

Things start happening to you when you get your site on Dee Kay's link list! We're way psyched to be included in the "fellow sites" page at one of the best female muscle link resources online.

Th-resa Bostick Grinding a Bed

Who knew waterbeds were so much fun?


Farichild Art

Came upon the link to this over at the Amaz0ns.com forum.


Dawn Riehl: Asian Muscle Hottie

Here's a pair of recent YouTube videos featuring a young and buff Dawn Riehl.


B&W Dancer Nudes at deviantART

There's something about a dancer's body in black&white that is extremely sensual. Check out Abrito's profile to see plenty more.
no title 23 by *ABrito on deviantART


Zuzana Korinkova Retro Biceps Vid

Zuzana's videos are oldies but goodies.


Slim and Strong Jamie Eason Photos

Amaz0ns brought Jamie Eason to our attention. There's a nice tight little package.


Hot Comic of Tetsuko Bending a Coin With Her Abs

Something about this set of panels is REALLY hot.
Bending a Coin - With Her Abs by ~dcmatthews on deviantART

Brit Miller Curling Video

Britt going heavy in the gym.

Lindsey Cope - Muscle Hottie

Lindsey Cope is gorgeous, and lifts heavy! She talks about her goal of benching 100lb(!) dumbells this year. She also does some nice posing at the end. Is she in any other vids?