Jennifer Chaimberlin's Pics

Jennifer Chamberlin isn't the biggest muscle girl out there, but she's one of the hottest. Check her portfolio on ModelMayhem.

KO Speaking and Feeling

Man do I love KO. She's strong and sexy, and seems kinda smart, and could probably drive a manual transmission, and is almost CERTAINLY into video games.


Sexy Female Muscle on Reddit

Just found the hardbodies section of reddit. It's a place with all sorts of awesome FBB links, along with ranking and comments, several of which have linked to this site (thanks!). Support your favorite FBB sites by posting links and voting. Registering is free, and you don't have to provide an email address or anything. Give it a shot!


Low-Angle Abs: Mindi O'brien

Ab superstar Mindi Obrien shows more of her freaky midsection in this poolside video.


HOLYCRAP! Xin Li Cao Fully Nude on Webcam!

After the Rebekah Kresila nude vid, I assured myself it couldn't get any better. Well it JUST DID. Yes, a fully nude Xin Li Cao putting on a show for a webcam. Rolling around on the floor in the buff, licking her biceps, squeezing her breasts. She's high or drunk or something. UPDATE: A new link to the video has surfaced, and Ive updated the post accordingly. Thanks go out to GWHH for finding it!

Aw Shucks, Cindy Phillips Off The Market

DAMMIT. Just when I was getting ready for the final seduction, Cindy goes and gets married to some jerk. One day she'll realize that a dude stalking muscle women on the internet is everything Cindy needs.


Need ID on Topless Webcam FBB Hottie!

HELP! Does anyone know who this is? She's big, and cute, and she takes her shirt off. You can see why this is so important. [link]


Asian Muscle Art

Ed Lee has some really great female muscle artwork posted. Be sure to check out his gallery.


Watermelon Crush = Awesome

Most fbb crushing vids are horseshit, but this one is strangely compelling. This chick pops that thing in no time. Very nice.


Jeska Vardinski: Inked and Toned

If you have never before put eyes on Jeska Vardinski, now is the time. Jeska is a lean, mean, tattooed sex machine. Trust me, it's well worth your while to join up and get the full load of nude flexing shots.


Nude Rebekah Kresila Striptease! THANK YOU GOD!

Must...remember...to breathe. Holy crap. This video of asian muscle powerhouse Rebekah Kresila topless doing a striptease is awesome. She's flexing, and smiling, and teasing, then the shirt starts to slip. WOW.

Best Ab Vid Ever? Angela Salvagno is Hard,Vascular

Could this be the finest example of a female torso in all of human history? I submit that it could. Angela Salvagno is fully loaded with muscle AND hotness. Do NOT miss her nude gallery.

Superblonde: Tanya Hyde

Always remember the two B's. Blonde and Built. Tanya Hyde satisfies this nicely. There's much more of her in a myspace gallery. [via The Bigger the Better]


Beautiful Candid of Tomoko Kanda

Tomoko Kanda, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Genex does it again. The asian muscle powerhouse Tomoko Kanda being radiant and awesome.

Stony Pec Flex

Pretty sure this geological chest flex belongs to Tina Zampa.


Super Legs! Alisha Morrow Posing in a Garage

Be sure to check out the awesome quad action at around 17 seconds and some calf raises at 2:33.
Some more Alisha:


Yes Please: Dropped Pants & Abs

Several scenarios play out in my mind when looking at this photo of pants around ankles and abs on display. All of them AWESOME.

Thick Asian Band Workout

Video sent by sololoymania

For some reason, this video is REALLY hot for me. Something about her abs and shoulders...


Inhuman Abs Control

This is a freakishly hot video of a woman squeezing her abs enough to hold a ring in there. Unreal. Watch to the end to see some extra-freaky flex/squeezeing. The abs belong to Danyell Leavitt (Johnson)


Squirt Guns and FBB's, A Perfect Combo?

File this one under weird. A video of hulked out girls in bikinis, running around a desert with squirt guns...

Sexy Inked Muscle: KO

Tentpole turned me on to the sexy and tattooed KO. I agree with tent's assessment that muscle worship is a little beyond me, but I definitely agree that you should watch the video of her flexing her impressive guns (scroll down a bit to see it on the site). Also, be sure to check out her sexy nude gallery at Land of Venus. Here's a taste of the smoking hot photos she has up there. [link: Tentpole]


Asian Muscle Cutie: Monica Nakatsuka

Newcomer Monica Nakatsuka has some really nice arms (and legs!).


Sheer, Shredded, Sexy - Mimi Jabalee

Mimi Jabalee is unusually shredded in this video, which is a good thing. She's also wearing a damn sheer lingerie thingy, which is a VERY good thing.
Here she is posing up a storm: