Bridget Flynt

5' 6" Bridget Flynt had to gain weight to be a fitness competitor. Luckily she turned out a little top heavy!

Bridget Flynt, originally uploaded by Fit Girl Talk.

More at Bodybuilding.com She also has a gallery at World Bodybuilding & Fitness


Christine Wan

Christine Wan is Asian, built and HOT. Not bad for 41 years old.


OMG Check the Bicep on THAT

Debbie Bramwell has some huge biceps. She shows them at the 1:40 mark of this appropriately-titled video, "Winning Big". It shows Debbie working her way into contest shape, and by the end of it, she hardly looks human. Nice. (more Debbie after the jump)


Crappy Name, Awesome Body:Athena Siganakis

Canadian powerhouse Athena Siganakis has a tough name, but is totally ripped in this video.

Close Up Video: Macey Boudreau's Awesome Abs

We know Macey Boudreau has some rocking biceps, but don't forget her midsection. Makes you imagine what it would be like to pour ice cream on her abs, or chocolate, or maybe some strawberries mixed in with some melon or blueberries or something...


Why The Baggy Shirt., Isabelle?

Isabelle Turell looks really good in this video, but she's wearing that baggy shirt. We all know the only reason for a strong girl to wear a baggy shirt is so she can rip it off. Oh well. More videos of her after the jump.

Holycrap: She Pops Her Shirt Off by Flexing

You know that muscle fantasy you have where the girl takes her shirt off just by flexing her chest? Well here's the video to go with it. This girl spends the first minute pumping up, then releases those huge breasts from her tube-top with no hands at about 1:17. Wow. [link]


Looking At Her Own Abs

One of the hottest poses for fit women is the "I'm looking down at my own awesome abs" shot. Here's a bunch of good ones. Share your favorites in the commments!


Well Shoot. KO Wearing Next to Nothing

Will the man in the back please move away? This is one hot photo of the awesome muscle hotness that is KO.


From Fit Blonde to Muscle Hottie: Lisa Giesbrecht

Lisa Giesbrecht started out in the fitness realm, and was ok. THEN she made the move to bodybuilding, and cranked it up a notch or two. In here super-muscled form she looks ready to break something, anything.

Before. Meh.

After. WOW!


Mimi Jabalee Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

This awesome Mimi Jabalee video is ... awesome. She's absolutely shredded, and her top is all see-through and stuff. Man what a bicep. [video]

Catherine Holland/Boshuizen Nude!

Just in case you've been living UNDER A ROCK for the last ten years, here's some nice shots of the eternally sexy and fit Catherine Holland (formerly Boshuizen).


Gladiator Jamie Reed: Great Ass and Back

Supertight American Gladiator Jamie Reed gives us a little bit of everything in this video: some back (with an awesomely tight ass), some legs, some arms, and some abs.