Muscle & Latex, YES PLEASE

Photographer Tyler Stevens has some awesome photos of a hot muscle babe in different latex outfits, some of which are very revealing. [link]
[via Sexy Muscle Girls]


INSANE Butt! Athena Siganakis

This photo inspires all kinds of deviant thoughts, most of which include condiments and deep tissue massage. Athena is looking really good. Check out her gallery for more photos.

So THAT'S What a 17" Bicep Looks Like

Mara Lehtonen is a BIG girl. If you've ever wondered what a 17-inch bicep looks like on a woman, look no further.

Who else has biceps that big, you ask? Why, Nikki Fuller, of course. Awesome.



Weird, FBB Meets Goldfinger

This gallery is hard to figure out. A female bodybuilder in gold paint posing naked. It SHOULD work, but it kinda doesn't.

Hot Muscle or Not Muscle?: Dara Torres:

Your thoughts and comments, please:

(more Dara in her gallery)

Sexy Asian Fitness Girl, Russian Name: Sasha Porshnikoff

The name Sasha Porshnikoff (aka Mikiko) invokes images of a big eastern-European woman wearing an apron. That is NOT the case. Check out this asian fitness hottie's HUGE Flickr photostream for great photos of her being hot in everyday life. I LOVE this one of Sasha with braces and this one of her flexing a bicep at a restaurant. Here's a couple more to get you going:

On the way to dinner!

Oh no..

[via testsumi's salon]


Pumproom Fantasy: I Rub Down Kristy

I'll admit it. I have a weird erotic muscle fantasy where Kristy Hawkins is about to go on stage, and has nobody to help rub insta-tan all over her body. Finally there's a video of Kristy getting prepped in the pump room to go with the mental image.



Effing Hot: Lindsey Cope AND KO

Surely there is a god. This video has Lindsey Cope and KO oiled up in BIKINIS with BOXING GLOVES.

Lindsey Cope Wrestling Video

I usually don't go for the whole fbb wresling/domination thing. However, I am a fan of ANYTHING with Lindsey Cope in it.


Help Hardbodies Reddit get 1K Readers!

Do your part! Help the hardbodies reddit get 1,000 readers. Post a link, subscribe, or comment. It's hard to find the latest FBB and muscle girl stuff on the web. Hardbodies makes it easy, but YOU NEED TO CONTRIBUTE. Hardbodies has been crucial in getting this site it's popularity, be sure to give something back! For some eye candy, here's the hottest three reddit/r/hardbodies posts of ALL TIME:

Congrats to Area Orion!

Just saw that Area Orion got a full post on Lori Braun's FemaleMuscle.com. Nice! The world of muscle morphs is sometimes a strange and disturbing place, but Area Orion manages to keep it sexy and strong. Congrats!


Strange: Mandy Blank Promo Video

Honestly, I don't know what to make of Mandy Blank's latest video, "Blank is Back". It starts out with her dirty (YES!) and dancing in a parking garage, then hitting up a stripper pole or something, and finally pimping her clothing line.

I mean, it's hot, but WTF is going on?
[via Hardbody]

Weird: Extreme Belly Roll

This one is a TEENY bit strange. This girl starts with what looks like a pregnant stomach, then start rolling it, showing a huge amount of muscle control and size. Still a little weird, though...

Natalie Ariel

Natalie Ariel has some really nice biceps, and she's lifting a LOT of weight in the first part of this video. Natalie, if you need an extra hand oiling up anytime or stretching, or toweling off after a sensual shower, just holler.

See more Natalie on her HDPhysiques page.