Oiled Biceps are Impractical, Nice

I'm hard-pressed to come up with any scenario where it's necessary to apply oil directly to one's arms. That being said, I'm glad Hreapca Elena Oana chose to do so in front of the camera.


More Sexy Girls Should Ab-Flex in the Nude

Yes, if you have a nice, well-muscled torso, you owe it to humanity to show them abs in video form.


Ripped Abs Belly Dance Makes Me Want To Do Things

A nice ripped midsection rolling for all it's worth. Some people go nuts over weird waves or vacuum stuff, I just like defined abs in frantic motion.


Brit Miller Awesome Abs, Vascular

Wow. A lean Britt Miller shows some ripped abs WITH veins in this video by HerMuscles.com


Krissy Chin Compilation Video

A new montage of Krissy Chin just showed up on YouTube:


Freaky Lat Spread By Isabelle Turrell

Isabelle Turrell shows a freakish lat spread at about 30 seconds in. Huge arms and chest with a tiny waist. [vid link]