Hot Digital Muscle Girl Art by Tigersan

Tigersan has a lot of great digital muscle girls on his deviantART page. I've embedded a few below, but there are also some great nude muscle girls not quite appropriate for consumption here.


Who is This Oiled Brunette?

Any ideas on who this is? imagebam

Super Cheesy Xin Li Cao Movie

Well, this kinda takes the cake. Feast your eyes on a craptastic video of some dude with a gun that shoots...something...all over Xin Li Cao. Do yourself a HUGE favor and just start watching at the 1min 50sec mark, when the flexing really starts up.


Bicep Thursday:Pauline Nordin

This week's installment of Bicep Thursday is dedicated to muscle babe Pauline Nordin:


Is this Bicep Pop For Real?

Can someone confirm this photo of a skinny girl with a HUGE bicep flex is not a morph??? [via Tentpole]

Nikki Warner Up Close and Shredded

I've never seen Nikki Warner so cut up as in this video of her flexing and prancing around the gym. There are a few awesome extreme closeups. Click to watch videoMuscle ass


Bicep Thursday:Jennifer Cowan, Tomoko Kanda, Amanda Quinlan

Here's the big biceps for the week:
Amanda Quinlan is showing some ultra shredded muscle in this video. She may not be huge, but what beautiful arms and biceps.
Jennifer Cowan shows some great guns in this video of her flexing in a tight black shirt.
Finally, a video of Tomoko Kanda pumping her beefy guns.


Krissy Chin is One HOT Booth Bunny

102_0407, originally uploaded by petechons.


Yes Please: Amanda Folstad Nude

Amanda Folstad at genexmagazine.com You don't need giant (fake) breasts to be a hot muscle girl, as evidenced by an awesome low-angle black&white shot of Amanda Folstad being totally ripped from FTVideo. We've also stumbled upon a few great nude shots of her, like a pair of tasteful shots on a black background at Sexy Muscle Girls.


Link: Mighty Amazons

We just discovered a nice blog about girls with lots of muscle, Mighty Amazons. One of our favorite recent posts is a tribute to Elena Seiple, with lots of great photos and videos.


Another Skinny Chick Prentending to be Strong

First, there was the scrawnily-muscled Quaren and her *cough* amazing abs. Now, there's dawnyraerae, yet ANOTHER skinny girl who has definition ONLY because she's skinny. Very annoying. [via femalemuscle.com: Flexing with Long Sleeves]


Accidental Muscle: Melina Leon

Merengue singer Melina Leon has outrageously muscled thighs. Who knew singing was such a workout for the legs?

Accidental Muscle: Kim from Matt & Kim

Kim from indie rock group Matt & Kim has great arms with a wicked tattoo to boot. Check the video for "Yeah Yeah" where she changes shirts at about 2:40. See more photos from the Matt & Kim photo stream.


Allison Moyer Flexing With ROCKING Abs

The unsung hero of this HD video of Allison Moyer posing is certainly her rocking abs.

Diana Tyuleneva

Here's videos, photos and links for Brazilian muscle hottie Diana Tyuleneva. Being hot and pumping iron in the gym:

Slinking around at the beach:

Photos from her myspace profile and web site: Diana Tyuleneva Diana Tyuleneva Diana Tyuleneva