Top FBB Tags

So I did a quick analysis on the top tags here on IMG, and here they are. Enjoy!
  1. Asian
  2. Nude
  3. Video
  4. Biceps
  5. Abs


Crazy Pecs on Brigita Brezovac

Hulked-out muscle babe Brigita Brezovac has some awe-inspiring photos of her pecs up on her blog. You must look at them.

Young and Tight, Denise Hoshor Pushups

There's something really hot about the once-huge, now fitness girl, slim and young Denise Hoshor doing pushups with a dude on her back. Of course, another buffed out girl on her back would have been even better...


ID'ed at LAST!: Sharon Vanderhorst

imagebamimagebamimagebam Her oiled and nude double bicep pose has been in the top 10 all-time reddit hardbodies list since it was posted. She doesn't mind having her clothes off. Nobody knew who she was. Until now. Sexy Muscle Girls has blown it wide open. This nude muscle goddess is Sharon Vanderhorst, and she is awesome. There are plenty of nude photos of her, just follow Sexy Muscle Girls' links.


Sexy FBB BSDM: Angela Salvagno with a Riding Crop

Aahhhh. It's nice to get back to the old Angie Salvagno we know and love (recent events got us down the other day). The one that dresses up in lingerie, shows some exposed breast, and smacks herself with a riding crop, then uses it to abuse ANOTHER fit girl who happens to be tied up. Instant classic. (special hint: she takes off her bikini bottom about 3/4 of the way through) Another awesome nude Angela Salvagno Gallery.

Jenna Renee: Sleek and Fit

Hottie Jenna Renee is following me on Twitter, so I'm following her right back. Check out her myspace page. She also has a video of her ...er... barrel racing on a horse. I think I speak for thousands of others when I ask "WHERE'S THE VIDEOS SHOWING YOUR TREMENDOUS BODY?!". I await your reply...


100% NSFW, 100% AWESOME

Only view this video if you like your girls big, ripped, naked, and making out. WARNING: this definitely falls into the "erotic/exotic" category. You have been warned...


WHA? Shocking Angela Salvagno News!

SPOILER ALERT: if you cherish your arousal at the hands of muscle hottie Angela Salvagno, read no further. Turns out Angie has very recently become a mom! While congratulations of course go out to Angie, we're also VERY concerned about what this means for her rocking physique. Luckily, it doesn't seem to have changed. Here's the video interview to prove it (she got her pro card!). Also be sure to check out her hot nude gallery at Land of Venus. Nothing but quality.


Freaky Quads on a Tiny Girl

Look at those things! She's all slim through the middle, and then BAM! Anyone know who she is??? [via Pumpitup's Female Muscle]


KO's High Beams at the Pool

Here's a wonderful gem of a photo. Muscle hottie KO in a pool, wearing a top that is ineffective at hiding some key features. [link KO In The Pool (Amaz0ns.com forum)]


Ripped Diana Tyuleneva in a Bikini

We've see Diana Tyuleneva before, and loved her. Here's an extra photo of her shredded and hot.


Wish I Could Read Japanese: Neo-Queendom

Man, I KNEW Spanish was the wrong class to take in high-school. Check out [Neo-Queendom], some kinda asian muscle comic porn site. I have no idea, I CAN'T READ WHAT THE LINKS SAY!


Beefy, Andrea Theil

If you like 'em big and beefy, Andrea Thiel is the girl for you. Here's a video of her flexing and strutting in clothes a few sizes too small.
A few more photos of her being huge.