Morph Blog: Area Orion

The response has been good to my Best FBB Friends Forever post. Most notably, Area Orion. I hadn't seen the site before, but it has some nice (and sometimes strange) fbb morphs. Here are some of my favorites.


Perfect Ass on Nadya Castellas

Nadya Castellas spends the first seconds of this video strutting in a bikini, showing off a PERFECT set of ass-cheeks. She then proceeds to show of the rest of her impressive anatomu.

Yes Please: Shredded Abs on Mindi Obrien Video

Mindi O'brien's arms appear to be all bicep in this video, but her abs steal the show.

Best Friends Forever?

I'm all about building a community with fellow FBB fans. In that spirit, be sure to follow Insane Muscle Girls' feed. Link to me and I'll link you back. Promise.


Cheesy, Hot: Xin Li Cao Video

I've posted some cheeseball Xin Li Cao videos in the past, and they're always worth it. Fight through the pain in this one to see some stunning shots of her ass in more than skin-tight spandex.


French, Muscled & SEXY - Diana Chaloux

Diana Chaloux, originally uploaded by nycrollas.

Muscle Girl Diana Chaloux in a bikini drenched in water


Top 5 Asian Female Muscle Girls

Here's my top 5 asian muscle girls. I'd be happy to hear opinions...

5 - Aki Nishimoto

4 - Xi Lin Cao

3 - Lyen Wong

2 - Krissy Chin

1 Rebekah Kresila


Boulder Butt Cindy Phillips Video

Cindy Phillips looks best when along side Britt Miller, but she's also damn fine solo. Now, you don't ever see her FACE in this video, but you kinda don't mind...


Nude Biker is Hot, Naked

Sexy Muscle Girls has a great post with a striking image of a nude cyclist. Very nice.


Sexy Muscle Incarnate: Melissa Dettwiller

Melissa Dettwiller is without a doubt one of most "gifted" muscle girls out there. Blonde, busty, and naked. Bottom line, awesome.

Asian Backstage Muscle

DAMN I love me some backstage pumproom action, especially when it's oiled up asian bodybuilding women. Pay special attention to the girl in the grey shirt. UBER hot. [link]

Sleek Abs On This Curling Video

Anyone know who this is? She's sleek and strong and WOW what abs!


Sleek Legs On Tamara Vahn

Tamra Vahn has some great legs. Check them out yo.


Who's This Asian Cutie?

Tentpole has a post with great photos of an unnamed, slender-yet-muscular, asian girl. Any ideas?