Skinny Amateur Abs

You never know what trolling on YouTube will turn up. In this case, a very nice little video of a tight blonde with cute abs (and she's not afraid to show them).

Angela Salvagno Topless Gallery

If you haven't yet, you MUST check out the free preview gallery of Angela Salvagno topless at Land of Venus. If you're ever gonna shell out a little cash for quality naked muscle babes, this is the place to do it.


More Dawn Riehl Muscle Action

As a follow-up to an earlier post devoted to asian muscle hottie Dawn Riehl, we present this trio of videos. The first features Dawn's enormous calves at the 10 second mark. The second vid is all about the bicep. The last one is more bicep action, plus a bikini. Nice.


Holy Crap. Ildiko Gaspar is Alien-Hot

Whoah. Hungarian bodybuilder Ildiko Gaspar is AMAZING. Is there any more of her out there?

Crazy Abs With Veins

abs15, originally uploaded by blackadder74.

These are the best kinds of abs. Notice the giant breasts, as well?


Klaudia Larson's Inhuman Bicep Pop

Klaudia Larson's arms are deceptive. At first they look kind of skinny, but then she throws the flex on, and WHAMMO, an insanely peaked bicep appears. [link]

Liang Yueyun Promo Video

Check out this promo video of Chinese bodybuilder Liang Yueyun/Liang Yue Yun flexing on the beach. Also check out her gallery at Thai Body. Amaz0ns also has a nice set of photos, along with hints on how to search her name in chinese.


Mesmerizing - Britt Miller Running

Britt Miller is damn near the top of the sexy buff girl pyramid. Seeing her flex is awesome, but there's something oddly...appealing about seeing her running (probably the close-up of her spandex-shrouded ass cheeks, or maybe the bicep pop at the end).



No clue who this is, but we'd LOVE to find out about these massive quads. quads big muscle babe

Nice Back: Marija Kuzmina

Pumpitup has posted a nice pair of muscular backs. We prefer the top, slightly more muscular one. Turns out it belongs to fitness champion Marija Kuzmina. An even BETTER photo is this one of her without a shirt. [link] Two Different Backs


Bicep. Check. Chiseled Abs. Check. Vanessa Adams

There's something about a simple tank-top and skimpy panties, when combined with ripped muscle on a blonde...

Julie Bourassa is HUGE

Canadian Julie Bourassa is a Big Girl, and she's just launched her new website. Check out the free gallery, this is the best pic of the free ones: There's also an awesome free video of Julie flexing her massive upper body on a webcam. And for good measure, here's the FemFlex teaser for Julie (you may also want to shell out some cash and watch all the her FemFlex vids. HOT.) [via] Scott's Corner for Bodybuilding: Canadian Julie Bourassa launches website...

Shredded Lori Ann Redding Flexing Her Arms

Lori Ann Redding is lean, cute, and has huge muscles. In short, perfect.

Who Knew? Andressa Vieira Has a Blog

I don't speak spanish, but the pictures sure are nice. Check out Brazilian sex/muscle goddess Andressa Vieira's blog when you're feeling down.


Patrica Houston Has Awesome Abs

Patricia Houston has some serious abs. These things are huge.
Also check out her gallery at flexonline.com.


High-Quality Katka Promo Video

Katka Kyptova's site describes her as a "fitness figure model", but she's much bigger than that.
Also be sure to check out the sexy black & white shots in her gallery.

Paloma Parra's Bicep Breaks Her Jewelry

We love when strong women break things, especially when it's by flexing, and especially when it's by flexing their biceps. Female bodybuilder Paloma Parra does a great job by sliding a bracelet over her arm and flexing until it bursts.


May Maung is One Hot Asian

Wow. Who ever heard of May Maung? Well, as of now, I certainly have. Check out the abs: Her profile on Bodybuilding.com has a ton more images depicting her undeniable asian muscle hotness.

Xin Li Cao Shredded and Posing

Asian muscle babe Xin Li Cao is usually a TEENY bit bulky, but in a recent video she's downright shredded. She shows some awesome pec action right around 1:30.


YES! Melissa Dettwiller and Jennifer Chaimberlan Lezzing Out!

Whoah man. This video is HOT! Melissa and Jennifer going at each other in a hotel room. Long clip with nothing to the imagination.


Fillipino Diana Stanback is Wicked Hot

Scott's Corner has a neato video of Diana Stanback (Tinnelle) doing bicep curls with bands. Very hot.

Amateur Webcam Muscle Babe Lays on a Bicep Flex

This lean blond has impressive guns for a girl so thin, and she seems turned on by her strength. SPOILER ALERT: She starts licking and kissing them at the 45s mark.


Nena Cortes Topless Hello

Nena Cortes Nude Nena Cortes says "Hi" better than anyone else. Here she does a nice topless muscle strip tease when greeting.

Sexy Girl Presses Into Handstands

Here's a pair of videos, uploaded by zawaa, showcasing a cute girl doing handstand presses. She shows a ton of power as she easily presses up and then back down again.


CREEPY: Huge Boob Bounce

Sometimes the ability to bounce one's pecs can be downright STRANGE. We just found a video of a topless girl with huge implants slowly bouncing them with what seems to be some serious muscle power. Still...weird...

Nice Little Karen Zaremba Muscle Video

If you love Karen Zaremba (and we know you do), here's a great video of her showing off her amazingly shredded physique.


Sexy Pullups

Here's what I could find. If you know of any good ones, please add them in the comments section!
Sexy Workout Babe - Watch the top videos of the week here

Topless Crunches and Sexy Abs

Wow. Here's a really nice vid of fitsandy, half-naked and doing crunches. Here's the rest of her stuff, which is also awesome:



This is a crappy video of a flabby girl doing squats while an ugly chick looks on. Do not watch it.

Asian Muscle: Gemma Santos