Kristy Hawkins Rows in the Gym

A great vid showing of Kristy's awesome biceps.

Another Smoking Lindsey Cope Video

Yet another of the herbiceps series. Seriously, if you only see one FBB video this year...


Melissa Froio Topless Workout

Melissa Froio shows us what's going on in this clip from awefilms. She's all wearing an impractical shirt combined with impractical breasts. Way hot.


Susana Spears Nude Links

Amaz0ns has a video of Susana Spears posted in which she looks all good an wholesome. Luckily, she's got a bad-girl streak. Here's a few places you can see her rocking body nude. Nude Susana Spears Muscle Gallery Free Susana Spears Nude Video Clips Gallery of Susana Lounging Naked


Least Satisfying Monica Mollica Video EVER

The whole time I'm fixated on how her abs quiver when she speaks. C'mon and FLEX already!!!!


Finally! A Topless Rebekah Kresila Video

Yes friends, it's true. I finally get to use the tag trifecta: asian, nude, video.

Insane Calves on a Fitness Girl

We know Tanya Merryman is hot, but WHO KNEW she had such amazing calves? I mean, seriously, the don't even look like a part of her body!