Sexy Fitness Girl Does Handstand Pushups

Gymnasts are hot. Handstands are hot. Pushups are hot. All three together: just as hot.

Blondechic is Shredded in this Video

We're fans of Blondechic. She's got tiny arms but a ROCKIN body. Check out this vid where she makes a fur bikini (yes, fur) the hottest clothing on the planet.

Dawn Riehl's Legs Look Even Better in Slow Motion

Of all the asian muscle girls we want to hug and sqeeze, Dawn Riehl is like top five.

Dawn Riehl
Uploaded by lynx314


Free Xin Li Cao Photos

Xin Li Cao's site is filling out nicely (just like her...get it?). Taking a stroll through her free gallery is worthwhile. She's one of our favorites for asian muscle girls. Here are my favorite free photos:

Kim Birtch Showing Great Abs

The sun and shadows help show how totally ripped her midsection is. Great ab flex at the 2-minute mark.

Kim B 2
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Kristy Hawkins Busting Out

A really great triceps flex at around 1:05

If You're Only Here For The Youtube

Then here's THE set of the best FBB videos on YouTube. Subscribe and never hunt for quality, sexy muscle girls again.

Lifting and Showering. Great Combo

It's hard to describe this one. Alternating gym lifting with shower-based "self activity". Good. But strange.

Krtisy Hawkins Showing Abs and Bi's

Is Alicia St. Germaine for REAL?

You may notice a GeneX pattern here, but is this an actual LIVING woman?! Holycrap.

Is That Tara Reid With Kristy Hawkins???

Sure looks like it. Opinions?


Random Superbuff Asian Photo

Via Tetsumi's Salon, A VERY random pic of a HUGE asian girl in a bikini contest. My vote has been cast.

Mesmerizing Webcam Pec Bounce

I was almost hypnotized by this one. You can tell she really enjoys showing off. I spent the whole video waiting for that nipple to pop out all by itself.

I Beg To Differ: Tattoos ae WAY HOT!

With respect, I disagree with She Has Muscle about Elsje Bollen. She has everything AND the tattoos!


Huge Breasts + Cables = HOT

Diane Jardim doing crossovers and working her downright geometric chest.


A Little Help, Please

Tentpole is trying to put a name to a smoky, strong girl. Gotta say I'm interested to know to. Looks like a photo from a boxing or martial arts weigh in. Lend a hand if you can. Thanks!

Yaxeni Oriquen Closeup Abs

Damn she's got big abs!

New Free Xin Li Cao at AMG Lite

Check em out!


Xin Li Cao Shredded in the Gym

Blondechic Lifting a Plate With Just Her Abs

Wow. BlondeChic does some "ab pushups" with a plate. Strange, but sexy.

Sexy Ab Workout

Here's a slim girl with great abs doing a TON of crunches and other exercises.

Retro Melissa Coates Video

This clip is from back when Melissa was in crazy shape. Not many people sexier in contests.