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Nicole Wilkins-Lee is a Sexy Champ

Nicole Wilkins-Lee recently won the Olympia Figure competition. Winning is sexy. Nicole is sexy. So here's a video of Nicole Wilkins-Lee oiled up and working out. There's a commercial at the beginning, but you'll sit through it because you're a sucker for tight blonde with dumbbells in spandex bending over at the waist. [video]


Sexy Katka Kyptova in HD

Katka Kyptova is huge, muscular, blonde, and without those annoying breast implants. Very sexy. That swimsuit is holding on for dear life.

Awesome Abs Workout - Who is She?


Mezmerizing Abs: Gail Sanez

A truly awesome clip of Gail Sanez flexing her abs. She starts out light, then slowly flexes harder and harder until her ripped midsection pops out. Awesome.
gail sanez Pictures, Images and Photos


Smoldering Andrea from Romania

I don't know where Romania is, but I'm moving there. Pumpitup has some amazing webcam stills of a girl identified only as "Andrea from Romania". She's got huge arms and ripped abs, and is that a piercing in her lip too?! Anyone have a last name?


Fawnia Monday's Impressive (Nude) Legs

Fawnia Monday is one sleek cookie, and Land of Venus has some ultra-hot galleries of her wearing nothing. If you're going to spend your hard-earned dollars ogling muscle girls, I'd do it here.

NEW Andressa Vieira Abs Photo?

Has anyone seen this sweet picture of Andressa Vieira and her awesome abs before? I think it might be new!


Big Muscle Pullups: Nikki Fuller at the Playground

There's something awesome about the size of her lats and biceps...


More KO in the Pool. YAY!

Remember those sweet photos of muscle hottie KO in the pool? Well here's the videos that go along with them. You're welcome.


Smoking Hot at 37: Silvana Salvati

If Silvana Salvati has been at the fitness thing for less than a year, and looks like this, imagine what she'll look like when she's 40!